A positive educational experience challenging young people to broaden their horizons.
An education model based on the idea that each student has his/her own unique interests, needs and abilities.
Small classes, daily one-on-one support and flexible learning environments.
Horizons College believes that all young people deserve and benefit from a positive educational experience.
Do students attend full time?

Yes, this is a 5 day pw school; however we finish at 12.45 pm on Fridays.

How is the day structured?

All students have 4 x 65 minute sessions per day (Monday – Thursday) with a break between each. Friday there are three sessions.

Do students have a say?

We are a very collaborative school and have appointed a team of student leaders. All students are actively involved in having a ‘say’ in relevant matters and are asked to complete a survey twice yearly.

Are the staff qualified?

The Principal and teaching staff are registered and qualified teachers with collectively a wide variety of experience in schools and other educational institutions. Our vocational education and training staff are qualified trainers with considerable industry expertise and experience in the areas in which they train. All members of the youth/social worker team have qualifications in their field.

How do I enrol?

Enrolment is not automatic and is subject to an initial interview with the Principal. Past school records need to be brought to this interview as well as the young person’s birth certificate. Lack of previous success, however, is not to be seen as a barrier to enrolment. The records are used to help show whether a young person will benefit from enrolment at Horizons. All new students are given a six week ‘trial’ to test their suitability to what we have to offer.

  • Vocational Mathematics
  • English Communication
  • Certificate II in Workplace Practices
  • Certificate II in two or three of the following:
  1. Construction
  2. Hospitality
  3. Visual Art
  4. Business
  5. Automotive
  6. Horticulture
  7. Hair Dressing
  8. Information, Digital Media and Technology


The Horizons College Volunteer Program utilises the skills and experience of community members to assist our young people in achieving their learning, employment and life goals.

Prac Placements

Horizons College would be happy to speak to University, College and TAFE course coordinators looking to source meaningful practicum placements for their students.

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