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    A positive educational experience challenging young people to broaden their horizons.

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    An education model based on the idea that each student has his/her own unique interests, needs and abilities.

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    Small classes, daily one-on-one support and flexible learning environments.

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    Horizons College believes that all young people deserve and benefit from a positive educational experience.

My name is Taylor and I used to go to Horizons College in 2014-2016 . Well, I’m typing this email to say a massive thank you for everything you and your amazing staff did for me while I was attending Horizons College . Throughout the years I haven’t been there, I can say that I’m officially a student nurse and well on my way to finding my career choices and it’s all thanks you and your amazing staff. A couple of years ago I didn’t think I would find a school that would be able to help me as much as you and your staff did. I loved coming to school every single day and there was never a bad day at that school. Your staff and yourself were truly amazing when it came towards bullying and helping the student be themselves. I hope that this email is something that you like to read and I hope that you’ve helped all your past and present students achieve their goals because you helped me achieve mine. 

Past Student - Taylor,