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Dress Standards Policy


A Dress Standards Policy reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of equality, health and school safety and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the Dress Standards Policy at Horizons College of Learning and Enrichment.



This policy applies to all students enrolled at Horizons College of Learning and Enrichment. This policy applies during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when students are on school excursions.



These dress standards have been developed in consultation with the college’s Board of Directors with the objective of allowing for students to safely engage in the many varied school activities while also catering for the financial constraints of families.


The official uniform for the college is the polo shirt featuring the Horizons College logo. Students are provided with one polo shirt upon enrolment, free of charge. Students are expected to wear this shirt on official occasions. They can wear the polo shirt on any normal school day, and further shirts are available for purchase, however there is no compulsory uniform.

Respectable dress standards, however, are required, including:

  • for girls, no low cut shirts or shorts which are too short, no bare midriffs
  • for all students, no swear words on T-shirts or T-shirts which have offensive images
  • closed in shoes for all workshop activities and when in the hospitality kitchen.
Students are required to wear closed in footwear at all times during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when attending school excursions. There may also be occasions where students are required to wear different types of footwear due to specific learning/subject needs.
When engaging in school activities outside of the classroom, students are required to supply and wear a hat to minimise the risk of sun damage. Students will also be encouraged to apply sunscreen lotion on occasions where they will be subject to severe sun exposure.
Students are expected to keep their jewellery to a minimum, ie a watch, one pair of earrings. Jewellery poses Workplace Health and Safety concerns in certain learning environments, and as such, there will be occasions where students are asked to remove jewellery and store it away safely.
We promote personal presentation, which demonstrates positive self-esteem and pride in oneself and our school. Personal hygiene measures should be undertaken by each student to ensure the comfort of the entire school body.


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