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Computer Use Policy


This policy outlines the policy around students’ use of computers, the internet and associated aspects.



This policy applies to all students enrolled at Horizons College of Learning and Enrichment. This policy applies at all times where students at Horizons College of Learning and Enrichment are granted access to the internet or IT equipment on college grounds.



All students will be inducted on this policy upon commencement of their enrolment at Horizons College of Learning and Enrichment.


Students at Horizons College of Learning and Enrichment are required to:

  • Use the internet only for educational purposes
  • Not knowingly search for anything that is illegal, dangerous or offensive
  • lf they accidentally come across something that is illegal, dangerous or offensive, they will clear any offensive pictures or information from their screen and immediately inform their teacher
  • Not reveal home addresses or phone numbers
  • Not use the internet to annoy or offend anyone else
  • Not download music, movie files or games
  • Not bring CDs, DVDs, disks or any other digital media into the computer rooms
  • Not store music, movies, sound files or games on college computers
  • Not move or interfere with computer equipment
  • Not access web mail servers, chat rooms or message sites using the school computers
  • Not to enter game sites or play games unless for educational purposes, as approved by a teacher
  • Not send abusive emails
  • Report hardware or software problems to their teacher.


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